About me

After years in video production and freelance technical writing (and criss-crossing the country), I am now working on political and cultural commentary far away from the big city lights. My work can be found at intersection: the Church, the State, and me on both WordPress and tumblr, and I can also be followed on Twitter and Instagram. My interest in the political also extends to articles posted on Ricochet.

Some of my Ricochet articles are:

With over ten years spent in video production in Washington, DC, including as a producer at C-SPAN, I began freelance technical writing after moving to southern California. There I worked for companies like Qualcomm and Intuit, and also produced a series of interviews for Anglican TV during what I call “The (Never-ending) Episcopal Church Schismatic Years” (2003 to present). It was during that period that I started and finished my first blog, innocent as doves, which “covered traditional Anglican worship in San Diego, Southern California, and around the world.”

My work with Anglican TV included interviews with:

At intersection, I plan to post a mixture of interesting articles from others and original writing. I can be reached at “intersection430 -at- gmail -dot- com”

6 responses to “About me

  1. Hi, Anne

    Discovering your website for the first time just now. It’s impressive.
    And, thank you for mentioning THE CREED: What Christians Profess, And Why It Ought To Matter – the documentary I directed for First Things!

    Very much appreciated.

    tim kelleher

  2. Thanks, Tim. Love “First Things” – it was an important part of my swim across the Tiber.

  3. Love your blog, Anne! Thanks so much for creating a space for intelligent conversation and thought for faith-filled people. And we appreciate your link to our website on your Blogroll — when you get a chance, please update it to the redesigned http://www.catholicnewsherald.com.

  4. Hi Annie,
    It’s amazing how little we know about our family! This blog is tremendous. It clearly expresses the schism that exists between what Christianity actually says and what the Episcopal Church professes. Thankfully our church, St. Andrews in Mt. pleasant, SC, pulled out of the Episcopal communion and went Anglican – if it hadn’t, I would have just gone elsewhere. Well, it’s cool to get a glimpse of your world.

  5. I believe that you and I may be the only two in our extended family to have actually read the Catechism of the Roman Catholic Church … cover-to-cover. I was not completely happy with the treatment of women therein mostly because unimaginable heinous crimes committed almost daily by men are eligible for forgiveness and absolution. No so with women who are automagically excommunicated for what is deemed an unpardonable sin. Even if haunts there daily existence like gibbon waiting near a place of execution. I’m not sure I agree with my Church’s philosophy of selective morality?

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