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4 responses to “Comment policy

  1. Hi Anne, I’ve discovered your blog, but I’m having trouble finding the discussion of your conversion to Catholicism. Can you guide me? Thanks much, Bobby

  2. Hi Bobby – Hope all is going well and you all are keeping cool! My earlier blog (2006 to 2008), innocent as doves (, covered my journey to the Catholic Church. In particular, I wrote six posts outlining my decision and reasons for it:
    * Why I left ECUSA, Part 1: A brief history (
    * Part 2: A crack appears (
    * Part 3: The deluge (
    * Part 4: The end (
    * Part 5: A new beginning. . . (
    * Addendum: Roma è chiamata

    If you have a chance, read anything by Scott Hahn ( – as a former Presbyterian minister now Catholic theologian/apologist, he approaches Catholic doctrine with an understanding of how someone brought up with a more Protestant viewpoint sees it. He has a good information on the sacraments and the eucharist. Also, Fr. Robert Barron ( is a good resource. Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  3. Thanks so much, Anne. You have many of the same thoughts as I do, particularly about the discipline structure and being part of a greater Christian community. The Christian communities outside the Catholic Church are imploding as we speak. There’s just no there there anymore. The main thing that’s held me back from converting is that I would being doing it alone. The rest of my family has no desire to “come home to Rome” at this time. I will continue to ponder and pray.

    Susan and I are coming up your way on July 29 to get Julius from Kanuga. We’ll spend the night with your mom. Hopefully we’ll see you then!

  4. P.S. I also meant to mention that I have looked at Scott Hahn’s website. I think I can use his book Answering The New Atheism in my ongoing debate with Margaret, who is a big Richard Dawkins fan. You might be interested in the book that a Catholic friend gave me, Born Fundamentalist, Born Again Catholic. It has many of the points you made in your blog.

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