NCR: American unexceptionalism

From the National Catholic Register:

. . . We, Americans that is, like to think that the rules somehow do not apply to us.  We watch Greece and Portugal go under for spending gobs more than they produce and we tut-tut.  They should have known better, we say.  Oblivious to the fact that we are behaving in exactly the same way.  But no, we are different.  Somehow we are different.  Sure, we spend $1.40 for every dollar we take in, but we will make up the shortfall in volume, right? Wrong.

America is not exceptional.  Sure, we may have been founded centuries ago upon some ideals that were exceptional at the time, or even today.  But we were not up to the task of preserving it.  True liberty requires morality and we have long been bereft of both. . .

Check it out.


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