The Catholic Advocate now has an nationwide campaign to provide information to parish leaders on the effect of the new HHS regulations:

The HHS mandate is an overt attack by the Obama administration on the Catholic Church. Catholic Advocate is once again leading the charge to defend our religious liberties, but we urgently need your help. Our plan is to recruit parish leaders nationwide to rally fellow lay Catholics to blanket members of Congress with letters against the mandate. Will you sign up to be a parish leader today?

Check it out. Of course, not just the Catholic Church should be concerned about this–anyone interested in keeping the First Amendment should be working to overturn these mandated regulations.


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  1. This is a grevious overreach of government. This mandate must be stopped to protect the sanctity of life. Our spiritual enemy satan despises human life and will go to any lengths to destroy it. He will use humans as tools to desensitize people to abortions and murder to carry out his agenda.

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