What I heard at Mass this weekend

I posted earlier that my bishop (Bishop Jugis) wrote another letter on the HHS mandate debacle, with a request that it be read at each Mass this past weekend.

I did not hear it at Mass (we go to the Sunday evening Mass, probably the smallest of the weekend), but we did have a bright yellow bulletin insert with a copy of Convincing witness in the face of radical secularism, the address to the bishops of the United States by Benedict XVI on January 19, and the USCCB insert, Conscience rights, religious liberty violated by sweeping HHS contraceptive mandate. The insert also included a personal note from our interim pastor that said in part:

Our Diocese of Charlotte has taken a “wait-and-see attitude” concerning a compromise by President Barack Obama in regards to the Catholic Church and its religious liberty. I am concerned that if we “wait” too long it may be too late. Catholics compose 25% of the nation’s population and we are witnessing yet another instance of an anti-Catholic sentiment which is growing in our country. Silence could be dangerous in this case. …

I haven’t talked with my pastor to see why the letter itself wasn’t read, but we are between permanent clergy. Our pastor of two years was just reassigned and the assistant pastor is our interim priest. We also have a new temporary assistant pastor, so things are a little confusing in the front office. I hope we hear the bishop’s letter next week. . .I’ll be waiting!


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