‘I had an abortion’ T-shirt sparks backlash at college, students wear ‘I haven’t killed a baby’ in protest

All the way from the Daily Mail in the U.K., a story about the University of North Carolina-Wilmington:

T-shirts reading ‘I had an abortion’ were sold at the University of North Carolina Monday, sparking a backlash by fellow students.

In an effort to eliminate the negative stigma attached to abortion, the T-shirts were sold with the hope of helping women too afraid to admit to having the procedure talk about their experience.

However fellow pro-life students, in fervent protest of the shirts, took to wearing their own in response, which said ‘I haven’t killed a baby.’

The pro-choice shirts were part of a book signing and ‘Stories of Choice’ discussion lead by third-wave feminist activist, and abortion rights advocate, Jennifer Baumgardner.

Students angered by the T-shirts thought they promoted praise of a procedure that many deemed ‘unpraiseworthy’….

Read it all, and good for those students who fought back against the abortion culture.  (Just a tip, there’s a reason there’s “negative stigma” to the act of abortion, and for the greater society, that will never go away, nor should it.)

For resources and help for those who have had an abortion, check out Rachel’s Vineyard (a nationwide ministry to those suffering after abortion and in need of emotional and spiritual healing) and the Silent No More Awareness Campaign.


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