The VP debate: The partisan divide

Just a sampling of comments from facebook friends on their perception of last night’s vice-presidential debate (comments made both during and after debate). Do we just see what we want to see?

Obama supporter (OS): Joe is kicking Eddie Munster’s ASS!!!

Romney supporter (RS): It bugs me that Biden keeps calling Ryan “my friend.” I find him as fake as his hair implants and fake smile. I’ve had enough. Bye Bye Biden!!!

OS: Ya got him on the ropes Joe. Take ‘im down.

RS: It is embarrassing to think [Biden] is our Vice President. Hopefully not for much longer.

OS: I hope Barack is taking some notes tonight. THIS is how you put the liars’ feet to the fire in a debate. Style AND Substance. Yes indeed.

RS: Here’s why Ryan won this debate. Not that it will matter on Monday, but for the next few days, this is what undecided voters will replay in their heads. Watch the clip.

RS: What’s the takeaway going to be? Cranky Uncle Joe is rude to polite young man, or noted idiot lies about not voting for Iraq and Afghanistan wars?

Actually, I think Michael Barone says it best:

The instant polls: CNBC had it Ryan 56%-36%, CBS Biden 50%-31%, CNN Ryan 48%-44%, AP Ryan 51%-43%. Not nearly as one-sided as the instant responses to the first presidential debate in Denver. My sense: Biden pumped up partisan Democrats, but failed to win over the voters who are taking a serious look at Romney at a point when he is up in national polls.

Although note that the AP poll figures may be incorrect.


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