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Elon Musk and Hyperloop

For all of the engineers out there:

. . .Both for trip comfort and safety, it would be best to travel at high subsonic speeds for a 350 mile journey. For much longer journeys, such as LA to NY, it would be worth exploring super high speeds and this is probably technically feasible, but, as mentioned above, I believe the economics would probably favor a supersonic plane.


The approach that I believe would overcome the Kantrowitz limit is to mount an electric compressor fan on the nose of the pod that actively transfers high pressure air from the front to the rear of the vessel. This is like having a pump in the head of the syringe actively relieving pressure. . .


Hyperloop consists of a low pressure tube with capsules that are transported at both low and high speeds throughout the length of the tube. The capsules are supported on a cushion of air, featuring pressurized air and aerodynamic lift. The capsules are accelerated via a magnetic linear accelerator affixed at various stations on the low pressure tube with rotors contained in each capsule. Passengers may enter and exit Hyperloop at stations located either at the ends of the tube, or branches along the tube length.

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Cool Hunting Friday v 3.0

Aston Martin DB5 in Skyfall
Good to know.

10. 3D-Printed Aston Martin
Though the story called for a precious 1960 Aston Martin DB5 to be decimated, producers of “Skyfall,” the latest Bond installment, saved the rare icon by combining 3D printing with creative modeling. Propshop Modelmakers Ltd. employed a Voxeljet VX4000 large-scale printer to produce a series of model DB5s, which were built on a one-third scale out of 18 components.

Cool Hunting Friday v 2.13

Nice legacy to leave.

6. Ferdinand Alexander Porsche Dies at 76

In a blow to the world of automobile design, the creator of the Porsche 911 passed away this week. The landmark model debuted at the 1963 Frankfurt Auto Show, continuing the legacy started by Ferdinand Alexander’s grandfather, Ferdinand Porsche.

Cool Hunting Friday v 2.11

Who knew? Automobiles as art and cultural expression.

6. Garagisme

Parisian art director Gilles Uzan debuts his new magazine, Garagisme, dedicated to the social life of automobiles. Ignoring performance specs and test drives, Uzan instead focuses on the car’s role in gender constructions, fantasies and alternative lifestyles.