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Investors.com: The Harvard hug: What else are media hiding?

From Investors.com, on the Prof. Derrick Bell revelation:

Bias: We were wrong. The media elite did in fact vet this president, but they covered up what they found. And now that citizen journalists are digging it up, they’re trying to rebury it.

Exhibit A is the controversial video of Barack Obama praising and hugging radical Harvard law professor Derrick Bell. The media knew it existed four years ago and conspired with academia to hide it to get Obama elected.

“We hid this during the 2008 campaign,” confessed Harvard law professor Charles Ogletree. PBS had it then, but cut both the audio and the hug in a report on Obama’s Harvard days. The footage served as wallpaper. Now that Breitbart.com has put the entire video online, the major media have gone into damage-control mode for Obama….

They knew what he was about. Anybody who has read Bell’s works knows he’s militantly anti-white and anti-America. He didn’t try to hide that, unlike his fans in the media today.

Bell was too radical even for Harvard, which sacked him, but not too radical for our president, who embraced him as a 30-year-old law student. And who then went on to indoctrinate his own law students in Bell’s hate when he was a University of Chicago professor.

Obama required them to read Bell’s “Race, Racism and American Law,” which argues American law is illegitimate because it’s derived from “white power structure.”

Relevance today? Obama’s close relationship with Bell fits a pattern of radical associations that have carried over into his administration….

Read it all.

The real reason: It’s not about Rush, it’s about you. . .

. . . and me. And anyone who disagrees with the progressive agenda.

It’s an attempt to marginalize the majority of Americans, to make us think that we shouldn’t be listening to or agreeing with someone others have now labeled as “hateful,” an attempt to change focus from who or what is best for the country in this election season to the cause de jour: free stuff for women in order to boost chances that the Democrats will get the “women’s vote” in November.

It’s also an attempt, as Andrew Klavan describes so well, to reorient the discussion and/or news coverage to “women’s health” or “access to contraceptives” or some other non-consequential issue away from the constitutional concerns that are fundamental in legislating government-mandated health care.

Rush Limbaugh’s failing in this, if anything, was that he let his frustration and anger overcome his normal sense of humor and detachment. He forgot the other side would be following Saul Alinsky’s Rule 4:

Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules. You can kill them with this, for they can no more obey their own rules than the Christian Church can live up to Christianity.

And we see that playing out now. Slurs against women by Ed Schulz, Bill Maher, etc. are ignored or dismissed, but since conservatives try to maintain, for the most part, civility in their public discussions, it’s easy to go after Rush when he slips.

As for me, I’m keeping a list of all the advertisers who have cancelled from Rush’s show. Ones I use, I have written and said I’m not using them anymore, the rest I’ll keep track of so I won’t forget. Anyone opposed to the tactics of intimidation should do the same.

I won’t be marginalized. They’re attempting Rule 13 on a grand scale–not just Rush but all conservatives:

Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it….

They picked Rush as the target because they saw an opening (they tried it once before when they blocked his purchase of an NFL franchise).

It’s up to the rest of us to make sure he’s not a permanent casualty.

Washington Free Beacon: A new source for news

Washinton Free Bacon (I mean Beacon)

Okay, when I first saw the name in passing, I thought it said “Washington Free Bacon” – is there nothing bacon can’t do? Check it out anyway.

From Matthew Continetti, editor in chief:

What would happen, though, if a website covered the left in the same way that the left covers the right? What picture of the world would one have in mind if the morning paper read like the New York Times—but with the subjects of the stories and the assumptions built into the text changed to reflect a conservative, not liberal, worldview? What would happen if the media wolf pack suddenly had to worry about an aerial hunting operation?

You are about to find out. The Washington Free Beacon is here to enter the arena of combat journalism. Our talented staff will add to the chorus of enterprising conservative reporters, publishing original stories, seeking out scoops, and focusing on the myriad connections between money and power in the progressive movement and Obama’s Washington. Our research and war room divisions will supplement that reporting with context, additional materials, and breaking video. At the Beacon, you will find the other half of the story, the half that the elite media have taken such pains to ignore: the inside deals, cronyism cloaked in the public interest, and far-out nostrums of contemporary progressivism and the Democratic Party. At the Beacon, all friends of freedom will find an alternative to the hackneyed spin, routine misstatements, paranoid hyperbole, and insipid folderol of Democratic officials and the liberal gasbags on MSNBC and talk radio. At the Beacon, we follow only one commandment: Do unto them.